The Waterloo Hotel

  • free breakfast for lodgers,
  • dry cleaning services,
  • 24/7 operation,
  • self-parking,
  • and a free internet connection to all rooms.

Some other attractions in the hotel consist of free local calls within the city. Additionally, all their rooms have a working refrigerator, coffee mixer, complimentary bottled water, LCD TV, and cable decoders. The Waterloo Hotel provides around 20 fully air-conditioned standard rooms with a fireplace.

Their rooms have bathrooms with bathtubs, Jacuzzi, and water heaters. For those who need house-cleaning services, you could get these at the Hotel. The preferred payment method includes cash deposit, bank transfer, and all major credit cards.

Recent renovations at The Waterloo Hotel

In recent times, some visible refurbishments have gone on in the hotel; they include;

  • New furniture and tech equipment: All rooms in the hotel have original leather sittings with excellent sound systems.
  • Redecoration: Every part of the hotel, has artwork changed and carpet replaced. This is to make the hotel more attractive to its customers. We also have new wallpapers posted in all rooms.
  • Spa and Gym: The hotel has upgraded all equipment in his gym arena. Now you can use different machines for different purposes to keep your body fit.
  • Spacious parking lot: The Waterloo Hotel has more space for cars now. Therefore, you do not need to worry about where to park your vehicles.

Patronizing the Waterloo Hotel will be the best thing you can do when next you visit Canada. They offer the best at affordable rates.